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Request to Archbishop Apuron to publish Archdiocese of Agana financial statement and audit report HERE


 SUNDAY, AUGUST 10, 2014





Fr. Pius Sammut, O.C.D.
I was told yesterday that on Tuesday evening, Fr. Pius explained the Fr. Wadeson affair to the Archbishop’s neo-community in the presence of the Archbishop. He was reported to have said that the reason Fr. Wadeson’s past had never been revealed was that because the allegations were false: that there was only one minor involved and not two as reported. And that the reason why it was reported as two is because the minor was a twin.
Up till now, I probably would have laughed the report off as impossible. No one in their right mind could possibly have used that as a reason to have not explained the issue with Fr. Wadeson. However, given what this bunch has been willing to lie about, and demonstrably so, I am willing to believe anything at this point.
However, if you were there, and you are willing to vouch that this story is not true. You are welcome to send me an email with your real name and tell me that it isn’t. I will keep your name private and I will make another post saying that the report was not true. Or you are welcome to do the same here as a comment.
Note: Since the posting of the petition to have Fr. Pius Sammut removed from this Archdiocese by the Carmelite order he still belongs to, there have been several inquiries about who he is. For those of us who know him, we believe he is the major source of division in this diocese and has been so ever since he came here in the mid-90’s. Besides that he is listed in the 2013 Archdiocesan Directory as the Secretary of the Blessed Diego Institute (really?) and along with Ms. Patricia Cottman and Michele Pedroni (who?) as part of the Itinerant Catechist team for Guam. He is also said to be Archbishop Apuron’s personal spiritual advisor (do you see the problem?). He is known to frequently come and go, using Guam as a base. Who pays for his coming and going? We don’t know. Perhaps this will show up in the financial report the Archbishop has promised to publish…years after he was told to by the Vatican.



The Archbishop has NOTHING to gain from any of this. He is only a few years a way from retirement. There is absolutely no reason for him to be doing what he’s doing.
We need to look at the only characters who do stand to gain from:
1. discrediting the Archbishop
2. trashing Guam’s most probably episcopal candidates (Gofigan and Benavente).
The Archbishop has been used. It is something I have said from the beginning. Who is using him? Fill in the blank.
1. __________________
2. __________________


Monsignor: Archbishop’s statements on finances ‘absolutely wrong’

Former BBMR Director Rivera to Archbishop: It’s Never Too Late to Say “I’m Sorry”

Pope’s delegate replies to Guam parishioners

Catholics refute archbishop’s claims about church finances


Come on, Adrian. Get back to him!
And to think that the Archbishop has no problem doing the neo-eucharists in any old place, but outlaws the Mass at a cemetery chapel.


Several people have commented that the fiasco over the firing of Msgr. James was either in retaliation for the worldwide embarrassment suffered by Archbishop Apuron over the exposition of Fr. John Wadeson or it was an attempt to distract attention from the Wadeson affair. I’ts really a matter of pick your crisis. Here’s the latest though on the Wadeson affair. He’s going to have a lot of people to sue it seems. (The part about my role is dramatized a bit.)
Wandering Wadeson: A banned priest is exposed
I know it’s been a little quiet here at The Worthy Adversary. I have been pounding away at the manuscript for The Well-Armored Child, and it’s summer, so there’s not a lot of quiet time around the house. But things have not been quiet in the Archdiocese of Hagatna, Guam. And every time I think that things are winding down, something new happens. Here’s the low-down: – See more at:


As we know, Msgr. James was never given a copy of the charges the Archbishop made against him. He read them, the same as us, after the Archbishop released them in a press statement on July 31. Today, on the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, Msgr. James responds:


Go to for video posting of today’s press conference. Like the page for updates.


The Archbishop has posted something called “Report from Deloitte and Touche” on its website. The posting gives the average reader the impression that this is an official and final report from D & T. It is not. It was a letter, dated January 8, 2014, advising the Archbishop of discrepancies that needed to be addressed as part of D & T’s review of the Archdiocese’s finances.
As addressed today on the steps of the Cathedral, those discrepancies have already been addressed, with only one to be addressed. In fact, in a letter dated June 26, 2014, only a few weeks ago, Archbishop Apuron, in a letter to Msgr. James, recognized in writing that “corrective action” had already been taken in order to prepare for the June 30, 2013 financial statements, and gave Msgr. James till August 15, 2014 to submit the financial reports for their fiscal year ending June 30, 2014. Msgr. James was fired on July 25.


The mad kiko-clans are bashing Mother Dawn, Mother Superior of our local Carmelite nuns, as the instigator of the petition against Fr. Pius. What a load of “vomit” (their word). Chuck White originated the idea and I doubt if he has ever met Mother Dawn. How sick, sad, and desperate these maligned and vicious people are becoming now that their neo-kingdom is collapsing around them. It’s “scorched earth” now for them. Take down everybody and anybody.

Their allegations are even more tragic in view of the fact that Mother Dawn and her Carmelite nuns have been suffering for years because of Archbishop Apuron. Here’s why.
The 2 million dollar gift to purchase the Yona property did not fall from heaven. Mother Dawn, because she is devoted to our Catholic Church, spearheaded the effort to find a donor through her order and specifically through her fellow Carmelites in St. Louis, Missouri.
Through the Carmelites in St. Louis, Mother Dawn was able to identify a donor, a private person, who agreed to give the money on two conditions:
  • That the gift be used to purchase a defunct hotel property for the “purpose of a seminary”
  • That the identity of the donor NOT be made known
Archbishop Apuron immediately proceeded to violate both of those conditions:
  • “A seminary” for the Archdiocese of Agana was NOT established.
  • He identified the donor.
Because of this, many believe that the money came from our own Carmelites with two consequences:
  • Mother Dawn and her Carmelites have been labeled as neo-sympathizers and supporters (whether they are or not I don’t know, and they probably – given their vocation – don’t give a hoot either way).
  • Since people believed that the Carmelites had 2 million dollars to give to the Neo’s, they figured that the Carmelites didn’t need any more financial support and they’re ability to take care of themselves, especially since many are aging, has suffered.
Thank you, once again, Archbishop Apuron.
But how evil now that the one person most responsible for facilitating the purchase of the Yona property, even though it was eventually used for something entirely different than what was intended, is no impugned and maligned by the vicious Kiko’s for something Chuck White thought up himself.
You people continue to lower yourself daily in the eyes of the whole island. Quit while you’re ahead. Get out of that thing.

Church Lay Leaders Call News Conference to “Refute” Archbishop’s Allegations of Financial Mismanagement


Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 August 2014 07:50Written by News ReleaseWednesday, 06 August 2014 07:45
Guam News – Guam News

Guam – A news conference comprised of various individuals who have assisted in the financial matters of the Catholic Cemeteries of Guam and the Cathedral-Basilica will be held to respond to, correct, and refute allegations of financial mismanagement made public by Archbishop Sablan Apuron.
These individuals have given of their time, professional acumen, and personal resources to assist Msgr. James Benavente in bringing to order the financial matters of these two entities prior to, during, and after the report by Deloitte and Touche and the allegation of financial mismanagement by Archbishop Apuron.

The news conference will be held at 10:00 a.m. today, August 6, 2014, on the front steps of the Cathedral-Basilica.

As this point, the following individuals have confirmed their attendance and participation:

Mr. Joseph Rivera, former Director of the Bureau of Budget & Management Research
Mr. Art Ilagan, Insurance & Banking Commissioner and former Director of the Department of Revenue & Taxation
Mr. Rick Duenas, Certified Public Accountant and son of former Chief Judge and Sir Knight Cristobal C. Duenas.
Mr. Richard Untalan, past chairman of the Archdiocesan Finance Council
Deacon Steve Martinez, former Finance Officer of the Archdiocese of Agaña.



English translation follows the Chamorro. malilingu i respetu tåtkumu baluhan kottura?

Piniti yu’ na ma huchom i Faninadahen Kosas Katidråt-Basilika. Noskuåntos menhalom taotao siha manma cho’cho’ para u ma pripåra i ma baba-ña ya måtto minagof-hu na sumaonao yu’. Hu tungo’ put fin put i tinaftaf hestoriå-ña i Gima’Yu’os Katoliku gi iya Guåhan yan i kantidån sakrifisiu siha ni’ manma sungon ni’ taotao Gima’Yu’os.


On “her” other blog, the one she talks to herself with, “Diana” has posted a tired old swipe at Fr. Matthew Blockley, an APB to the bishops “brotherhood” to flush out Blockley. “She” posted it of course because Archbishop Apuron is desperate to discredit Blockley because Blockley has “the goods”.
Fr. Blockley was AWOL for a very good reason. In fact, if it had happened to you, you’d go AWOL too. And THAT my friends is the “rest of the story” which will now soon follow…and in which you will soon learn why Saipan has no bishop several years after Bishop Camacho’s retirement. (There’s a reason Rome did not ask him to stay on.)
In fact, this is the story that I think Dan Brown may eventually pick up. (Okay. I took out the part about the suggested title. It was just a bit of a warning to the other side not to mess with stuff they know nothing about. Blockley was supposed to be dead, remember?)


August 4, 2014
Dear Mr. Rohr,
Recently a good friend of mine forwarded to me a link to your blog and suggested I open it which I did.  There I found a letter from Fr. Ephren Adversario.  I was intrigued by the letter and decided to ask some questions.  I learned that Fr. Ephren has been subjected to an attack (or attacks) on his integrity.  Learning this I decided to write in support of Ephren.
Fr. Adversario and I were chaplains and officers together at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.  From the day I met him we became good friends.  We served together at a very large military base during very difficult and challenging times.  I learned very quickly that Fr. Ephren was everything a chaplain should be.  He was completely unselfish with his talents and his time and was highly respected by the troops and commanders alike.  He was, and is, an outstanding priest and was an outstanding officer.  I was very disappointed to learn that he had to leave the Air Force for compelling family reasons.  He was the kind of priest and chaplain that is most effective in the military.  He was also very highly respected by all segments of the Catholic Chapel community.  This was a community that included military members and their families, civilian contractors, civilian teachers and even some retirees.  Balancing an effective ministry to such a diverse community demanded maturity, balance and integrity and Fr. Ephren had an abundance of all.  I envied his ability to function so successfully and to balance the diverse demands of the base.  An effective Air Force chaplain must be a good officer, a dedicated, solid priest and a man of integrity.  He must be capable of effectively serving the Catholic community as well as the wider military community.  Fr. Ephren was all of these.
I have missed having regular contact with Ephren.  I know that after our assignments together ended that he went on to serve with distinction in the middle east.  One has to actually have served in a high-stress combat zone to appreciate the unique demands and the constant stress.  Fr. Ephren served the troops and served his country with the highest degree of distinction and integrity.  Anyone, from layperson to archbishop who questions his integrity would do well to ask himself or herself if they could walk the path he has walked and come even close to doing so with a fraction of the dedication and integrity.
 Thomas P. Doyle, J.C.D., C.A.D.C.


The “new administration” at the cathedral has been harassing Msgr. James and his staff as they attempt to move out of the rectory and the parish offices, forcing them to open up boxes for examination and basically giving them a TSA anal. This is sick. Show your support for them today at the Cathedral rectory as they attempt to finish moving out today around 10:AM.


Few people  have done as much scholarly research into the underlying theology of the Neocatechumenal Way as has done Guam resident, Chuck White. While his website, The Thoughtful Catholic, is devoted to a variety of topics, he has devoted a great amount of his “thoughtfulness” to the underlying issues that are at the root of the problem with the Neocatechumenal Way. After the Pacific News Center interview with him yesterday, I asked him to move his research, at least temporarily, to his home page so it would be easier to find, and he has.
Mr. White’s research is critical to our endeavor on JungleWatch because without it, the current spat would just seem like a fight between the old and the new. It isn’t. It is actually a fight between the old and the even older – the even older being the age old inclination to mold a god of our own image. I get accused of this all the time though no one actually substantiates those allegations. On the contrary, Mr. White DOES substantiate his allegations, and those being that there are many things very different about the theology of the Neocatechumenal Way.
Visit his website and bookmark it.


Svaki čovjek ima pravo na svoje mišljenje usmjereno prema istini, a kad spozna Istinu dužan je promijeniti svoje mišljenje ukoliko nije u skladu s Istinom. To je prava demokracija.

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